The Suits Me mobile banking app is feature filled to ensure you have full control of your money when you need it.

Suits Me mobile banking app gives you everything you expect from a primary bank account. In conjunction with your contactless Visa debit card and combined with the ability to pay with your phone through Google Pay or Samsung Pay mean you are ready for any eventuality.

Safe and secure

Be confident in the knowledge that we take your banking security seriously.  To access any of your financial information and account facilities you will be required to Log in to your account. Just like at a cashpoint or your online account. You can log in with your PIN which you need to keep secret, or via your biometric finger scan. Once you have logged in, the mobile app allows you to:  

Check your balance.

Know exactly where you are with your money. Your current up to the minute balance available as soon as you log in.

Send and receive Faster Payments.

No more waiting for cheques to clear from your employer. Faster payments mean money clears into your account in hours not days, and you can send money to other people just as fast.    

Manage Savings Envelopes

Be prepared for big bills and planned expenditure by using the Saving envelopes facility. Save a little each week or month from your money into a savings envelope. Simply name your envelopes so that you can manage money for rent, loan payments or whatever it might be, and transfer funds into the envelopes. By putting money aside in your allotted envelopes, you will be prepared for the next bill, and in control.    

Control Direct Debits and Standing Orders.

It is simple to set up Direct Debits and Standing Orders through the app ensuring that you don’t miss a payment. Great for managing your rent, or any loan payments which need to be made.